I am a narrator and my language is photography.

Chris Zvitkovits

When I was 18 years old, my dad gave me his spare camera, a Minolta x-500, and a couple of rolls of film. Since then photography has been part of my life. Looking at the world through a lens opened up new perspectives and created the opportunity to share them with others. Photography gradually became a tool for reflection of what surrounded me. With the project Facing Vienna began the professional art of photography as a form of documentation.


I also proved communication consultancy, which compliments my work as a photographer. Digitization is changing the craft of photography and with it the role of the photographer, from conception of projects to implementation. A photo does not just have to show what happens, but should be representative of what it is about.


I am interested in people, their stories and the lives which lie behind the image. At a time when everything has already been photographed, a photo must arouse curiosity or express a feeling. Interest and open-mindedness are therefore more important to my work than the camera. I look for moments that make a difference. In portraits I search for the uniqueness in each person. In documentary photography, the camera is my tool for creating a visual language that encourages questions and brings new insight.

Working with me means access to my experience, technical knowledge and my talents. Take time to look through my work and contact me for a personalized quote.


I am based in Vienna and available for assignment worldwide.